Social studies

Explora Primary Schools

An easy way to find out about everything from animals to current events. Search by keyword or topic. Perfect for research projects!

Miss Humblebee’s Academy

An online interactive curriculum for three – six year olds with offline practice worksheets. Create a free account and receive weekly emails documenting your child’s progress in kindergarten readiness. Compatible with any smart tablet device.


National Geographic

This searchable archive of over 100 years of National Geographic magazine (1888–present) includes every page and every photograph from the iconic, award winning magazine.

PebbleGo Social Studies

Over 150 articles in 12 different categories introduce young researchers to the world around them. For K-2 students.

TrueFLIX – People, Places, and History

Includes American Indians, Ancient Civilizations, The Civil War, Continents, U.S. Government, U.S. Regions, Westward Expansion. For 3rd – 6th grades.

World Book InfoFinder

Everything you'd expect from the World Book encyclopedia only better! Great activities for science projects, social studies resources, and more.