Freegal Music

Freegal lets you download and keep MP3 song tracks and MP4 music videos from the entire Sony catalog. Each week five downloads are available from Monday to Sunday. Enjoy 5 songs, or 3 songs and 1 video. As long as you have a  a DPPL library card, you're good to go. 

Start using Freegal

Using Freegal

To get started all you need is:

  1. Your DPPL library card
  2. A computer or mobile device
  3. View tutorial  

Apps for your devices

A Freegal app is available for Android and iOS devices.

Tips for using Freegal

The "Double Download"

Depending on how you listen to music you may want to download your songs within the Freegal App on your device and then within two weeks you can go to a computer and re-download those same tracks and store them for future flexibility.

Don't forget those downloads

Create a reminder on your calendar to download your tracks every week.

Getting help with Freegal

To get the most of your downloads, check out Freegal's list of frequently asked questions.