Des Plaines Memory

Des Plaines Memory is an online archive of photographs, documents and memorabilia related to the city of Des Plaines, its people, places and institutions.

Des Plaines Memory is a unique collection because it’s full of historical and cultural materials that can’t be found anywhere else. All materials are locally sourced. Contributions come from the archives of the Des Plaines History Center, the library, community organizations like the Des Plaines Park District, and individuals - like you!

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Ways to use Des Plaines Memory

Because it's searchable and easy to browse, Des Plaines Memory is a good resource for things like history projects and genealogical research - or just use it for fun. Visit our projects page to see all the various projects we’re working on.

Contribute to Des Plaines Memory

Do you have historical pictures or other significant or interesting items related to Des Plaines' past? If so, you can upload them yourself to the collection through the website. Just get check out the contribution form to learn how.

Sharing on Des Plaines Memory

You can share any items you find on Des Plaines Memory to your favorite social media accounts, like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and many more. Most items can also be printed out or downloaded to your computer or device. You can also leave comments for others to read.

TELEPHONE directories on Des PlaINES MEMORY

If you'd like to access this collection, you'll need to come to the library. Once you're here, you'll be able to search telephone directories from Des Plaines and a few surrounding communities dating back to 1940. The directories are a great tool for doing genealogical and historical research.