Biography In Context

Learn about people from all walks of life including athletes, entertainers, politicians, historical figures, authors and many others.

Britannica Library

Enhanced version of Encyclopedia Britannica with a world atlas, primary source documents, historical highlights and media updates.


Chicago Tribune 1849–1994 (Proquest Historical Newspapers)

This digitized, full text version of the newspaper includes photographs, ads and obituaries from 1849–1994.


Convenient access to US military records, including the stories, photos, and personal documents of the men and women who served. Historical documents like the National Archives Holocaust Records are also included. A useful tool for historians, genealogists, researchers, military enthusiasts, veterans and their families and teachers.


Heritage Quest Online

Explore local histories, mine census data and search thousands of other records to find your ancestors and build your family tree.

History Collection

A collection of history eBooks.

History Online from Salem Press

Online version of print reference titles including, Great Lives from History, Great Events from History, The Decades in America and The Value of a Dollar - 1860-2014 * The Colonial Era.

Kanopy Special Collection - Celebrating Women’s Right to Vote, Democracy & Voting Rights

Documentaries on Women's Suffrage, Voting Rights & Democracy Around the World.

New York Times 1851-2014 (Proquest Historical Newspapers)

New York Times digitized cover to cover from 1851 to 2013.

Newspapers.com - Library Edition

Historical newspapers archive from the 1700's - 2000's - 4,000+ news titles from the U.S. and around the world. For researchers, historians, genealogists, teachers and students.

Universal Class

Access to over 500 video-based courses - everything from ABC's of Algebra to Yoga 101. First time users need to create an account. Once you're logged in you will have access to the course catalog and be able to start a class. CEU (Continuing Education Units) Certificates are available.


Wall Street Journal (ProQuest Historical Newspapers 1889-2002)

Digitized version of the WSJ from 1889-2002. Use this for older stock quotes.

World Book Timelines

Timelines for World History, Science & Technology, Notable People, Sports & Games & more.