Overdrive MyMediaMall eBooks

MyMediaMall, powered by Overdrive, is our virtual branch filled with over 30,000 unique titles. eBooks and audiobooks are available in a variety of formats to work with the most popular devices.

Connect directly to Overdrive MyMediaMall here.

Getting started with Overdrive MyMediaMall

The one item every user needs is a Des Plaines Library card.

Depending on your device, whether you have streaming internet access or not, and whether you are reading or listening, the software you need varies.

Apps for your tablet or phone

New Libby App for Overdrive

Original Overdrive App

Overdrive is improving and updating all the time. That means there are news ways to checkout Overdrive items but the old ways are still in place. If you are just getting started for the very first time, we encourage you to get the Libby App.  The Overdrive App still works so if you have it and do not want to start over - no problem. All Apps are free.   Read about Libby App. 

You can get the Overdrive App for iOSAndroid, and more.

PC or MAC devices

You can read ebooks and listen to audiobooks from your computer. There are lots of options described here.

Tips for using Overdrive MyMediaMall

Checkouts Periods & Limits

Items checkout for 7, 14 or 21 days depending on your personal settings. After the selected time period the book license expires and the book is returned automatically. Never an overdue book.

Five items can be checked out at a time and seven items can be placed on hold.

You can checkout Overdrive ebooks and audiobooks many ways. From your browser with the Overdrive MyMediaMall link, through one of the Apps, and through the library general materials catalog. So many options means something for everyone, but it also begs the question which way is best? It depends on your devices and habits. If you want a particular title and the format doesn't matter - print or ebook or audiobook, then the library catalog is for you. Check your Overdrive item out and then retrieve from your favorite APP or read in the browser of your device.

Getting Help with Overdrive MyMediaMall

I really recommend Overdrive MyMediaMall's online help. It's is very helpful!