OnePlay Video Games

OnePlay is our service for unlimited PC and Android games. Over 1000 games. No holds. No fees. No waiting. Free access to the OnePlay VIP subscription service is provided with your library card.

Start using OnePlay

Getting started with OnePlay

To get started you will need a few things:
    1. Your DPPL library card
    2. The Oneplay App for your computer or Android device

Apps for your device

Apps are made available once you create and log into your OnePlay account from the library portal. The Oneplay App is not found in the Google Play store.

Drivers for your PC

You may be prompted to download the DirectX and OA drivers.

Tips for Using Oneplay

Once you have the PC App or the Android App, you can "rent" games, and play the games through the App and skip the library portal. Note the word, "rent". Since Oneplay has its roots in the retail world, the word "rent" is used. Really you are just "borrowing" like all library materials.

User Guides

PC User
Android User