Looking for a no-hassle Kindle brimming with popular reads? Need some help with digitizing your dated media? Maybe you would like to record your adventures with a GoPro? Our devices are ready for you to borrow. Click below for availability or ask at the 3rd or 4th floor desks.

Devices to borrow

Kindle e-reader

These popular e-ink devices are preloaded with titles. Each device holds a charge for weeks. The non-glare, backlit, black and white screen closely mimics the physical book experience. Several titles are on each device making them a traveler's dream.

Kindle Fire Tablet

This 7” Fire Tablet may be borrowed to download eMaterials with your library account or to browse the web.

Kindle Fire Tablet

Roku 1 and Roku 3 Streaming Media Players

Roku allows users to connect to internet streaming services provided by the library including a collection of digital titles through Vudu. The Roku 3 requires an HDMI compatible TV. The Roku 1 has composite cables for connecting to older model TVs. Both require home internet connections. Ask at the 3rd floor desk. Quick start guide for Roku 1, guide for Roku 3.

Apple TV (3rd Gen)

Apple TV

The Apple TV allows you to connect to your Netflix, Hulu or other streaming account for entertainment. Also, mirror iOS displays with AirPlay. Requires an HDMI compatible TV and home internet. Ask at the 3rd floor desk. Quick start guide.

Chromecast (2nd Gen)


The Chromecast allows users to stream media from their phone, tablet, or Chrome web browser to their home TV. Requires an HDMI compatible TV and home Wi-Fi internet. Ask at the 3rd floor desk. Setup guide from Google.

GoPro Hero3 White and GoPro Hero+ LCD


Borrow a GoPro, the portable action camera. They are small, lightweight and sturdy cameras that come with a waterproof case and attach to a variety of mounts. Capture HD video hands-free.  Ask at the 3rd floor desk. Quick start guide.


Wolverine F2D Film to Digital Slide Converter

Wolverine slide scanner

This slide scanner can convert stacks of film or 35mm slides into digital images. No computer or software is needed. Instead, save straight onto an SD card. Ask at the 4th floor desk. Quick start guide.


Wireless Internet Hotspot

Verizon Jetpack hotspot

Use this portable hotspot to connect a mobile device like a laptop, smartphone, or tablet to the internet. Ask at the 3rd floor desk. Quick start guide.


Toshiba DVD Video Cassette Recorder

VHS to DVD converter

Transfer your VHS tapes to DVDs. Black container includes VHS tape player and a DVD player built into one machine. Buy your own blank DVDs and transfer your analog memories to disc. Directions and cables are included to connect to your own TV. Ask at the 4th floor desk. Quick start guide.


Blue Snowball Microphone

Borrow a portable USB microphone for easy, quality audio recordings. Quick Start Guide. Manual.

Podcast Interview Kit with H4N Zoom Handy Recorder

This kit contains everything to get started making high-quality digital recordings. Kit contains one Zoom H4n Pro recorder (with case), 2 Shure SM58 microphones, 2 sets of Sennheiser HD202 headphones, 2 microphone table stands (with bags), 2 XLR audio cables, 2 wind screens for microphones, and a 5-way Belkin audio splitter. Quick Start Guide. Manual.

When you borrow a device...

eBook Readers checkout for 4 weeks and are renewable. Other devices checkout for 2 weeks and are also renewable. Any patron with a library card may borrow devices, but only Des Plaines cardholders can place a hold through the catalog.


For in library use

Ask at the 3rd or 4th floor desk to use one of the following today. These require a valid library card and photo ID.

MacBook Pro laptop
Macbook Pro

Several of these laptops are equipped with Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office Suite in addition to Garage Band, iMovie, Keynote, and more.

Windows 10 Touch Screen Laptops
Dell Inspiron Laptop

Our touchscreen laptops are ideal for internet access, Microsoft Office Suite 2013, videoconferencing, and more.