Card application for kids

You are about to fill out an application for a new child's library card. Use this application for children in 8th grade or younger. To get your new library card, we just need you to do the following:

  1. Fill out and submit the application.
  2. Come to the library 3 days later with a valid ID and pick up your card. Cards will be held for 1 month.

The child's parent or guardian must be present to pick up the completed library card.

Complete the application

I apply for the right to use the library with all its rules and regulations, to give immediate notice of any changes of address or phone number and to abide by the rules of other libraries where I may use my library card.

Your information

Your school

If your school isn't listed above, list it here:

Additional information

For parents or guardians

I am aware there are no age restrictions on borrowing library material and I accept the responsiblity for my child's selection of materials.