Our policies are driven by community needs, written by staff, and reviewed and revised regularly by the library Board of Trustees. They are written to provide generous access to information while protecting the privacy of our residents and users.

Rules of Conduct

The library is open to all members of the public, and we ask everyone to use our building, collections and services with consideration for others. Our Rules of Conduct prohibit any unlawful activity, smoking, drinking, or other behavior that threatens the safety of the patrons, staff, materials or the library building.

Children under eight years of age must be accompanied and in direct line of sight of a responsible caregiver 16 years or older at all times in all areas of the library.

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Internet Access Policy

We want everyone to have a productive and safe online experience. We ask that all computer users in the library follow a few simple rules when they use the internet. All public computers have filtered access to the Internet; however, the library cannot guarantee the infallibility of the filter software. Viewing internet images that display nudity in a sexual context or sexual activity is specifically prohibited. You will find our Internet Access policy covered within the library's Rules of Conduct.

Meeting Room Policy

Our public meeting rooms are very popular, and we have developed policy for residents wishing to reserve and use our three first floor meeting rooms. Your group must be a non-profit, pay a booking fee, and have a majority of the group be Des Plaines cardholders.

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Collection Development Policy

Our collection development policy sets purchasing guidelines for everything the library owns. This policy is written with an eye to offering you current, popular, reliable and easily accessible information and entertainment,and covers books, magazines, music, movies, games and electronic resources.

Documents that support this philosophy include: The Library Bill of Rights, the Intellectual Freedom Statement, the Freedom to Read Statement, and the Des Plaines Public Library’s Mission Statement, Statement of Beliefs and Vision Statement.

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