Holly Sorensen Director

As Director, I am responsible for the library’s budget, building, and staff. I work closely with the Board of Trustees to define and meet the library’s strategic goals, as well as representing the library in community organizations like the Chamber of Commerce and Kiwanis. My door is always open to residents with questions, concerns, or compliments about their library. I’m a history buff, including historical fiction, but the staff knows I like vampire novels almost as much as stories of World War One.
Roberta Johnson Assistant Director

As Assistant Director, I work with the Director and the Department Heads to maintain our great services and try out new ideas and projects. It is a great pleasure to work and live in a community that values and uses their library with such enthusiasm. If you have any compliments or concerns about the library, please contact me!
Heather Imhoff Head of Marketing and Communications

My department handles the development, coordination and communication of information about the library's programs and services to the community and staff. I oversee the library's marketing communications, public relations, creative services department, community relations, development and many special projects. Contact me in regards to your concerns in those areas.
Jo Bonell Head of Adult Services

My department chooses the books, magazines, movies, music and research databases for older teens and adults; in other words, everything on the third and fourth floors. We also teach computer classes, lead book discussions, deliver homebound materials and arrange other programs for adults and teens.
Stephanie Spetter Head of Youth Services

My department chooses the books, magazines, movies, music, and other materials for children from birth through 8th grade and their caregivers. We also work with and visit schools, host child-focused events for the community, and create original programming for kids and their families.
Gary Valente Head of Building & Security

My department is responsible for overseeing the security, housekeeping and mechanical workings of the building.


Tony Hahn, Web Services Manager

Kelly Horvath, Creative Services Manager

Carol Kidd, Human Resources Manager

Michelle Meyer-Edley, Technical Services Manager

Laurie Papadourakis , Circulation Services Manager

Lynne Rubio, Readers' Services Manager