We have a variety of services to enhance your curriculum. Here are just a few.

Bookbag Requests

If you teach at a preschool, elementary, or middle school in Des Plaines, we can provide you with a selection of materials to use in your classroom or help your students with their research needs. If you would rather select your own materials, or if you teach at a school that is not located in Des Plaines, we'll be happy to assist you in person. Complete the form now.

School library cards

All schools, preschools, and day care centers located within incorporated Des Plaines (excluding home-based centers) are eligible for a library card. To receive a library card, request an application from the Registration Desk at (847) 376-2787 or print out the application.

Scheduling visits to the library

We love seeing your students in the library! Unless you have a special request, most library visits consist of an age-appropriate storytime, a brief tour of the Youth Services Department, and time for browsing. Elementary students may also enjoy a pictoral scavenger hunt. You may also request research orientation for older students instead of storytime. Please schedule visits at least two weeks in advance. Visits are based upon staff availability for a given day, so alternative dates are always helpful.

  • To schedule a library visit for preschoolers, contact Stephanie Wolferman, Preschool Liaison Librarian by email or by phone (847) 376-2923.
  • To schedule a library visit for elementary or middle school students, contact me by email or call (847) 376-2795.
  • To schedule a library visit for a community group, contact the Youth Services Desk by phone at (847) 376-2839.

Scheduling visits to your school

Visits to preschools

To schedule a school visit for your daycare center or preschool, please contact Stephanie Wolferman, Preschool Liaison, by email or by phone at 847-376-2923.

Visits to elementary and middle schools

We love the opportunity to visit our schools in person and we have a variety of programs we can present to your students. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Booktalks on new titles, a specific genre, or the yearly children's choice award titles (see our reading awards page for details)
  • Fractured Fairy Tales: Listen to the original version of a classic fairy tale and compare it with various cultural or fractured versions of the same story.
  • Community Workers: Learn how libraries work and what jobs there are in the library.
  • Research Orientation: Introduce your students to the many online database resources the library has to offer and how they can help with a specific research project. This can also be structured as a teacher inservice.

If any of these sound interesting, contact me by email or call (847) 376-2795. Please schedule visits three weeks in advance, if possible.

High school teachers

Send your assignment alerts or schedule a visit by getting in touch with Ariana Haze, Teen Services Librarian, by email.