Looking for a place to study, find a good book, learn a new skill, or just hang out? Take a look at all of the things teens can do at the library.

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The Commons

If you’re feeling too grown-up for the children’s floor but not quite ready to be an adult, the third floor of the library is the place to be. A corner of the third floor is your little piece of land where you’ll find our graphic novels and our high school collections.

If manga is your thing, check out our manga collection and maybe join us once a month at Anime Club where we draw, watch anime, enjoy some Japanese snacks (yes, we have Ramune!) and have lots of laughs.

The Commons is reserved specifically for you. Drop by any time you want to study, collaborate on school projects, relax, read, or hang out with your friends.

Teen Advisory Board

Our Teen Advisory Board is made up of teens just like you. We meet once a month in The Commons to plan library programs and more sure that the library has everything you need. We always have lots of laughs and snacks while doing some great things for the library.

Reading clubs

If you love to read or you just read when you have to at school, why not earn prizes for doing it? Participate in our summer and winter reading clubs for a chance to win great prizes.

Macs for teens

If you want to use a computer, but don’t want to go to the fourth floor (sometimes I don’t either) we have teen Macs just for you. Stop by the third floor information desk with your school ID and your library card and you will be able to check out a Macbook Pro for at least two hours. You can’t take it home, but you can take it anywhere on the third floor.


Do you run out of books to read no matter how many you check out, then our Kindle Paperwhites are perfect for you. They are loaded with an entire library of hot new titles and the Kindle is yours to keep for an entire month!

Homework Help

If you need to do some serious school work (and I know you do) check out the top databases for high school students who need to get things done.

Drop in and raise your grades at T@DPPL (Tutoring at Des Plaines Public LIbrary). Peer tutors are available in The Commons on Tuesdays between 6pm and 8pm.

Teen events

Interested in teen programs? Check here.

Staying in touch

Want to keep up with everything DPPLTeen? Find us here:

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for or have suggestions about how the library can make your life better, then look for me. I’m always happy to chat with my awesome teen patrons!