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DPPL Storytime

Virtual Storytime: Peekaboo Morning, With My Little Hands, Popcorn Song

Hey Kiddos! It's time for DPPL Storytime. We miss you all and hope you will tune in for a new episode each week. This episode is a very special baby edition for the littlest ones to enjoy! It features Miss Steph reading Peekaboo Morning by Rachel Isadora and Miss Cheryl performing two rhymes, With My Little Hands and Popcorn Song. Don't forget, you can follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see more virtual programming like this!

Miner Recs Podcasts & Book Talks

Miner Recs Episode 67 Now Available!

On this episode, Charlie, Joel and Laurie discuss the music of Bruce Springsteen, his relationship with his longtime backing group the E Street Band, his recent memoir and Broadway show, his musical and literary influences and much more. (Please note, this episode was recorded remotely from home using Zoom - you may notice some slight audio imperfections which were inherent in the source.) Listen to their conversation in the player below:

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Wednesday Crafternoons

It’s Wednesday. Let’s Scream Ice Cream!

Ice Cream Flavors

Wacky Ice Cream Flavors. Did you know? Someone in Arizona created a hot dog flavoured ice cream…. 😨

The building is still closed (but reopening very soon!) but the library is open. 

We're having ice cream?!! BLEH!

said no one ever.  

Who doesn't love ice cream? 

Cold and sweet.

It's the perfect summer treat. 🍦

Well, minus the occasional brain freeze. 

But really, the pros beat the cons. 

One, two, or three scoops? With chocolate syrup or sprinkles or BOTH? 

These are the real concerns. 

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