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Bells and Whistles

From the Oxford English Dictionary, available to Des Plaines Library cardholders

Travel, family, and friends often fill this time of year with a surplus of merriment and socializing. When you eventually find those moments of refuge, don’t forget about the joy of curling up with a quality book, favorite movie, or dramatic audiobook.

As your destination for rich media experiences, the library is constantly improving to meet your needs.

These four new  library tools will help get you out of the hustle-bustle and return to your cozy home with ease.

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What’s Brewing? Coffee Love!

Coffee. Lattes. Espresso. Hot Chocolate. Macchiato. I don’t discriminate, I LOVE it all. This love is a powerful kind of love, a passionate, and “I can’t live without you” love, an addicting kind of love. Not only do I enjoy all types of coffee, I’m also a real sucker for the beautiful latte arts on my drinks as well. 

When it comes to my daily cup of coffee (and when I mean cup, I mean like five cups) it's the fuel for the day.

The rich, creamy, sweetness of my daily drinks is what helps me survive a busy day at the Youth Services department here at Des Plaines library.

Kids are so much fun to work with but can get very exhausting to chase while a  one- year-old is trying to climb a mountain of stairs to get to the third floor of the library. I observe parents on a daily basis that try to keep up with their children.

I can definitely advise that if you are a parent or a babysitter of a small child, you will most certainly need the coffee to survive the day. Coffee can seriously save your tired soul from these tiny human beings.

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