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Escaping the Norm at C2E2!

Is it just me, or can being an adult sometimes be a total drag? 

I remember the days where I could sleep in, play make-believe with my friends, and believe with my whole little magical heart that my Hogwarts letter was coming aaaaany day now.

Today, I find myself protesting against the rising of the sun for just “FIVE MORE MINUTES!”, having a strong belief that I can’t make it through my morning without coffee, and struggling to keep my apartment clean (seriously, Hogwarts letter, where are you? I need to learn that cleaning spell that Dumbledore uses in The Half-Blood Prince!)

The point I’m trying to make here is, adulthood can be the total doldrums in comparison to when we were kids.

Well fret not, friends, because all hope is not lost!

I’m here to tell you all about how you and your family can find that spark of wonderment and joy at C2E2, and how the Des Plaines Public Library can help make your experience awesome!

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Staff Picks

Soccer Documentaries to watch during the World Cup

The Group stages of the World Cup as of June 28th are finishing up.

And while some teams have already been eliminated, there are still many teams dreaming of the chance to lift the FIFA World Cup. Several are looking for the opportunity to do so for the first time ever. 

Yes, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association simply known as FIFA is facing many corruption charges.

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Pint & Click Podcast 43 Now Available!

On this episode of the Pint & Click Podcast, Dave, Stephanie, Jami, and Tony talk about Steven Spielberg's film adaptation of the novel Ready Player One. Have a listen below:

If you can't get enough discussion of Ready Player One, have a listen to this episode from two years ago where Dave, Tony and Jami discussed Ernest Cline's original novel. To hear more previous episodes of the Pint & Click Podcast, subscribe with iTunes or visit our Podomatic page to listen and share. And if you enjoy listening to this podcast, please take a moment to rate and review it on iTunes - it's the best way for us to reach new listeners!

Kids & Parents

The Very Hungry Mother

I love spending time with my kids, but in the words of Ralph Covert, “I need, and I need a lot of what I need...that’s C-O-F-F-E-E.”

I admit it: Whether it’s coffee, chocolate, or both, I depend on food to boost my mood and help me through the long summer days.  

My strategy of choice is to make a pan of brownies and then sneak morsels here and there.

Sure, it’s embarrassing when my kids call me out: “Mommy, why do you smell like chocolate?” – but I bravely work through the shame:

"Mommy just needed a little something - now you finish your strawberry yogurt smoothie!"

Some people ground themselves via mindfulness or exercise or gardening. I have sugar.

Oh – and books. You know that hour between the park and dinner when your kids not so much melt down but catch fire and burn everything in their path?

At that point, I read to my kids.  Getting lost in pictures and stories and whole other worlds transports me and my kids back to the green zone.  

Technically, books may be highly flammable, but in my house, storytime puts out fires better than anything else I know. 

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