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Wednesday Crafternoons

It’s Wednesday. Let’s Bust Out the BUBBLES!

The building is still closed but the library is open. 

Bubbles are always a big hit.

Kids and adults alike enjoy playing with them. 

And to think all they are is soapy water. 

Transformation much?

They're light, they're airy, they POP! 

Some people like to run through sprinklers.

We like to run through bubbles.

But not only are they fun to play with, they're also great for getting crafty.  

This week, we're going to make some unique bubble art. 

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Move & Groove

♫ We Like to Move It, Groove It ♫

King Julien dancing
♫ We like to move it, groove it ♫  

♫ We like to move it, groove it ♫ 

♫ Ya like to MOVE IT! ♫ 

But what's this? OH NO! Move 'n Groove got rained out!

Not to worry. We hear indoor play is all the rage these days. 

Whether inside or outside though, exercise is super important. 

Why? Think of it like this. 

Sitting all day makes us waste away. 

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DPPL On Demand

Make An Informed Decision With Consumer Reports

It's always a good time to pay attention to expenses and get a good deal, but now is a particularly good time.

Consumer Reports can help with unbiased reviews, recommendations and wise advice. The library offers the full version of content from No fees or registration. Just access the service through the library website with your library card.

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Miner Recs Podcasts & Book Talks

The Two Lives Of Lydia Bird


Missing one-on-one book recommendations from your favorite 3rd floor staffers? DPPL's new Miner Recs Book Talks are the next best thing! 

Each week DPPL's readers advisory staff will "talk" their best "recs" of books, movies and more!

And while we're all sheltering in place, we're calling the first few entries in this series Grounded Recs

In Episode 8, Natalie discusses The Two Lives Of Lydia Bird, a romance novel by Josie Silver. Lydia lost the love of her life without warning, but when she stumbles into an alternate universe where he's still alive, she must make a choice between real life and a parallel reality. 

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, DPPL cardholders can read The Two Lives Of Lydia Bird today through Overdrive, either as an ebook or an eaudiobook. Enjoy!