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Kids Dance to the Rhythm at Summer Reading Club

Every child is born with natural rhythm in their body and soul. To satisfy your child's need to "move it, move it," DPPL's 2015 "Read to the Rhythm" Summer Reading Club has the answer - Music, Movement, Beats and Books, a series of special storytimes sure to make kids of all ages want to get up and dance. 

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Staff Picks

Planning your 4th? We can help!

Image: "RedishPinkish" by iwishmynamewasmarsha used under CC BY-NC 2.0 / Cropped from original

Growing up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, July 4th was always the actual start to summer; the lakes would finally be warm enough to swim in, you could usually count on not needing a jacket during the day, and the tourist traffic in town would finally increase to a steady stream instead of a trickle.

Kids playing in lake

My son and his cousins playing in the lake.

With the June we’ve had this year, I’m having flashbacks to those childhood days as here we are, closing in on the 4th, and we’re only now getting some steady warm weather! For me, the 4th of July has always meant beautiful sunny days, barbecues, parades and fireworks at dusk. 

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My Top Three Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts

What’s a keyboard shortcut? It’s the pressing of a combination of keys in a specific order or simultaneously, that results in the performance of desired functions by the computer.  The benefit of using keyboard shortcuts is that they allow you to perform common tasks quickly and without using the mouse.

I want to share three favorite shortcuts I use daily. Many PC users know and use at least one or two keyboard shortcuts regularly and my first favorite is a commonly used set of shortcuts Control + C and Control + V. Also known as Copy/Paste.

Hint: You can find the control key on the bottom left hand side of the keyboard, marked Ctrl.

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LGBTQ Equality Without Exception

June is Pride Month. In many cities, month-long festivities celebrating the hard-won rights, contributions, and diversity of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities culminate on Sunday, June 28 in a Pride Parade.  

This year, I will be back in San Francisco, where the legendary parade’s theme is “Equality Without Exception,” a phrase that speaks volumes about the achievements and struggles of this past year. It’s also a powerful focal point for thinking and talking about books that deal with the lives and issues of GLBT individuals. How does a novel, poem, play, or essay address equality, sexuality, and gender? And what does that mean to us, the readers?

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