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Consider Your Closet

I think a lot about clothes; their history, construction, design, and of course, how to look good in my own! First of all, you should know that I have no gift for style. When my mother dressed me, I looked great, but there was a long stretch where I seemed to find the worst of 70s and 80s fashion and wear it all at the same time. 

I've learned a lot about putting different colors together, examining items for quality, thinking about proportion, and shopping with a purpose (instead of desperation).

You can too.

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I’ve spent $8,880 on magazines! My magazine addiction

Note: this post originally ran in May 2015.  We are rerunning it to highlight a special program sure to please all you magazine lovers:

Learn to use Zinio
Thursday October 29, 11:30 am in the computer lab

Do you love magazines? Learn about the free digital library service Zinio for Des Plaines card holders. Our collection includes over 70 popular titles such as xhicago magazine, The Economist and Good Housekeeping. Bring your phone, tablet or laptop.

I've done the math and it's not pretty.  I am Heather, and I am a magazine addict. 

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DIY Your Life with Videos at

If you heard the news last spring that LinkedIn had just purchased the video training site for $1.5 billion, you probably thought, "Wow! Those must be some excellent videos!" Well, now you can see for yourself. The Des Plaines Public Library has a new subscription to and you can use it for free with your library card.

You can learn to do almost anything on Here are some subjects you may want to try:

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Staff Picks

Frightening Fiction for Teens

With Halloween quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to break out a favorite frightening book from our High School collection, or check out a few new ones.

I just finished reading Daughters Unto Devils by Amy Lukavics, a book that I picked up almost immediately after hearing it described as Little House on the Prairie meets Steven King (eek!).

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