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Twisted Fairy Tales: The Villain’s Perspective

Fairy tales are generally associated with children, of good triumphing over evil. 

But what if the stories that we know and love were twisted on their head? 

What if Cinderella was actually a cyborg sent to save the world, or what if the evil queen was simply misunderstood? 

Often, fairy tales are told from one perspective, that of the hero or princess. 

But what if we heard the story from the so-called villain's perspective? 

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Des Plaines Memory

Halloween in Des Plaines

Halloween In Des Plaines
Halloween is almost here and – because we’re living in the year 2020 – it seems extra scarier than ever!

Wouldn’t it be nice to focus on some less frightening Halloween memories of the past? Of course it would! ⁠

This month we share spooky-but-cute moments from the files of the Des Plaines Public Library Youth Services Department. And more! ⁠

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