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Happening at the library

Jo Bonell Is DPPL’s New Library Director

Des Plaines Public Library's board of directors is pleased to announce that Jo Bonell has been appointed executive director of the Des Plaines Public Library, effective immediately.

Jo is a famililar face around the library, having worked for over a decade as the Head of Adult Services.

She is also a familiar face in the community as an active participant in the Des Plaines Arts Council and other Des Plaines initiatives.

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Happening at the library

Goodbye and Thanks

Dear Des Plaines Friends and Colleagues:

In just three days on July 4th, I retire and say goodbye to the Des Plaines Public Library. I can’t believe that 20 years has passed since I came to this incredible library and the wonderful community of Des Plaines.

I am incredibly proud to have had the opportunity to work to make Des Plaines a better place. The Des Plaines Chamber of Commerce and Kiwanis, and the friends I have made there, will always hold a very special place in my heart.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank the staff and board of DPPL, who have never failed to deliver excellent service to our community with respect and generosity. It’s been an honor and privilege to steer the great ship that is Des Plaines Public Library.

I know I leave this place in great hands that will continue to work hard for this wonderful community and the best library in the world!

Best wishes and all my respect.

Holly Sorensen
Library Director

Happening at the library

Kids Summer Reading Challenge:  Read . . . Two . . . One. . . Blast Off!

This summer, readers can make galaxy dough, battle ghosts, and learn about robotics, all while staying on planet Earth. 

We even will have astronaunt training at our kick off party on Saturday, June 8th from 1-3 p.m. For a round up of ALL the exciting programs and happenings this summer explore the mission guide below:

DPPL Summer Mission Guide for Kids

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Happening at the library

Escape Rooms in the Library

“Rebels, this is your captain speaking. Good job infiltrating the Order’s base. Your mission now is to find their plans and transmit them back to us so we can stop them. Good luck, and may the force be with you.”

This is what a group of 5th-8th Graders will hear when they walk into the Star Wars Escape Room at DPPL on June 9th and are greeted by a fully-functional robotic BB-8. Registration info here.

(I know, we’re the coolest library ever.)

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