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Happening at the library

Escape Rooms in the Library

“Rebels, this is your captain speaking. Good job infiltrating the Order’s base. Your mission now is to find their plans and transmit them back to us so we can stop them. Good luck, and may the force be with you.”

This is what a group of 5th-8th Graders will hear when they walk into the Star Wars Escape Room at DPPL on June 9th and are greeted by a fully-functional robotic BB-8. Registration info here.

(I know, we’re the coolest library ever.)

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Happening at the library

DPPL Exterior Repairs Throughout October and November

Beginning Monday, October 8th,  Otto Baum, Inc. (OBI)  will be doing cleaning and repairs to the exterior of the library building. The project will  be completed by November 29, 2018.

We do NOT anticipate any interruption to regular DPPL service during the course of the project.

The scope of work includes  the repair of leaking windows; power washing all the exterior stone and brick; applying a sealant to all the stone and brick; and applying filler to joints that are significantly eroded.

The City of Des Plaines is responsible for the upkeep of the exterior of the library and is paying for and managing this project, not the library.

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