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My Top Three Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts

What’s a keyboard shortcut? It’s the pressing of a combination of keys in a specific order or simultaneously, that results in the performance of desired functions by the computer.  The benefit of using keyboard shortcuts is that they allow you to perform common tasks quickly and without using the mouse.

I want to share three favorite shortcuts I use daily. Many PC users know and use at least one or two keyboard shortcuts regularly and my first favorite is a commonly used set of shortcuts Control + C and Control + V. Also known as Copy/Paste.

Hint: You can find the control key on the bottom left hand side of the keyboard, marked Ctrl.

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Change at Your Fingertips

It could be easier than you think to lessen the stress in your life, and the library can help.

We often link stress to specific times of year: the beginning or end of the school year and December’s holiday season are all rampant with opportunities to stress ourselves to the limit, or even beyond. The stark reality is that stressful thoughts and situations pervade our everyday life.

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