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You Pin Some, You Do None? Hope for Pinterest Wannabes

What would William Blake say?  "To see a World in a Pinterest feed...and hold Infinity in the palm of your hand (Android? Or iPhone?)."  To me, Pinterest is both extraordinary - and overwhelming.

True story: My first two children were born into a world before Pinterest. 

It’s hard to imagine life without the advantages of instant advice, “how-tos” and ideas from millions of my fellow humans. 

Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. 

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How Do You Measure Up? Measuring by Animal

Animals provide lots of fun discussions about sounds and colors, but height is another way to look at animals too. 

This month at the Des Plaines Public Library, we are exploring the idea of measurement using animals.  Come check out our alcove area on the second floor, where we invite kids to mark how tall they are and compare their heights to actual sizes of animals and other kids. 

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Discover DPPL’s New Collection of Circulating STEM Kits for Families

In 2016, the Youth Services Department received a grant from IEEE, Chicago Section to create a new collection of circulating STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) materials.

We are excited to announce our new Discovery Kits are now available to DPPL cardholders!

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When Inside and Outside Don’t Match

Have you ever looked in the mirror and been startled by what you see?

If you’re of a certain age (and I certainly am) then you’ve probably experienced the sensation of feeling 18 on the inside when you’re most assuredly not on the outside.

For others, it might be an issue of being slender but feeling fat.

But age and body image aren’t the most challenging instances of outward appearance not matching internal self-image.

Someone who is transgender or gender fluid  can experience this disconnect every day. 

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