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Kids & Parents

Keeping ‘em Happy

From time to time, a parent comes up to the Youth Services Desk with a rather sheepish look on their face.

“My kid asked me to get some book...about underwear…?”

“ problem. Captain Underpants?”

The parent, relieved, follows me to the “P” section of J Fiction, explaining along the way that they’re trying to get their kid to read something else, but all they want is Captain Underpants.

“I get it,” I reply. “My kids loved it too.” 

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Kids & Parents

Windows, Doors and Mirrors of Beautiful Diversity at DPPL

Once upon a time, in the Dark Filterless Ages, before people carried dual-camera 12 megapixel computers in their pockets... was a Special Occasion to get a family photo taken at a department store.

Soon after the turn of the millenium, I chose to capture the moment with my young son and husband at Sears.

Carpeted half-wall? Check. Marble pull-down screen background? Check. Stiff pose? Check. Forced smile? Check.

Pretty much every family photo back then could make it into Awkward Family Photos.

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