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When Inside and Outside Don’t Match

Have you ever looked in the mirror and been startled by what you see?

If you’re of a certain age (and I certainly am) then you’ve probably experienced the sensation of feeling 18 on the inside when you’re most assuredly not on the outside.

For others, it might be an issue of being slender but feeling fat.

But age and body image aren’t the most challenging instances of outward appearance not matching internal self-image.

Someone who is transgender or gender fluid  can experience this disconnect every day. 

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Kids & Parents

Instructions Not Needed: Encouraging Creativity in Children

I’ve always been a bit of a rule breaker (more about that here), and although I believe children need guidance and limits, my slightly rebellious spirit has definitely influenced my parenting style. 

I am the parent who, when a craft project is handed out at a library storytime, steps back and lets my child get to work (stepping in only when the entire contents of an Elmer’s Glue bottle is about to be spilled onto the floor).

Does this mean I have a collection of abstract, purple paper panda bears at home? Yes -- absolutely.

But I take a hands-off approach not only because it gives me a chance to take a few sips my tea (bonus!), but because I firmly believe encouraging creativity is incredibly important.

(I am not alone in this thought – more and more people, parents, and professionals agree).  

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Sensory Sensitive? Sensory Storytime!

Sing a song

Storytimes at Des Plaines Public Library are full of fun and learning. We include stories, songs, dancing, rhymes, bubbles, and sometimes a craft or activity!

But what happens if your little one finds storytime over stimulating or has trouble sitting still because of sensory sensitivities or other special needs?

While children of all abilities are invited to participate in their age-appropriate storytime, we know that it can be a bit overwhelming for some families.

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Design your Fun: One more Time

Summer always seems to go by faster as the years go by. It feels as if the Youth Services Staff was just preparing for the Summer Reading Club.

With about one week left of the program, we have about 1800 participants from birth to 6th grade in our Summer Reading Program. We may even be having more last minute registrants as you are reading this.

As we started to get used to the fun, crazy, summer madness here at the library, it’s time to go back to normal work mode for both kids, parents, and librarians. According to the calendar, summer is still on the road, but for students in the Des Plaines area, it will soon be time to head back to school. Going back to school can be very exciting. It means new teachers, new friends, and more purchases of supplies your child will not need.

To celebrate this bittersweet moment, the Des Plaines Library invites you to celebrate one last time at our Back to School Bash on Friday, August 18, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. outside on the library plaza. 

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