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Bag o’ Board Books

Are you craving new books for you and your young kiddo to read together, but don't have time or energy to find books to put on hold?

You can always call (847.376.2839) or email ( the Youth Services Staff and we will happily grab books for you, but now there's another super easy option.

Stop by our Carryout desk and pick up a pre-selected "Bag o'Board Books!"

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Kids & Parents

Keeping ‘em Happy 2: Winter Break Edition

From time to time, a parent comes up to the Youth Services Desk with a rather sheepish look on their face.

“My kid asked me to get some book...about underwear…?”

“ problem. Captain Underpants?”

The parent, relieved, follows me to the “P” for "Pilkey" section of J Fiction, explaining along the way that they’re trying to get their kid to read something else, but all they want is Captain Underpants.

“I get it,” I reply. “My kids loved it too.” 

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