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Parenting Small Humans: There’s A Book for That

Stephanie Gelb, space librarian, reporting for duty.

Stephanie Gelb, space librarian, reporting for duty.

As DPPL's school liaison librarian, I have lots of tools to capture a child's attention. 

Outer space props, robots, a prize wheel, glow in the dark T-shirts and my blow-up astronaut costume all make getting the attention of a room full of children for fifteen minutes a piece of cake.

More difficult: corralling the attention of my own children.

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Happening at the library

Kids Summer Reading Challenge:  Read . . . Two . . . One. . . Blast Off!

This summer, readers can make galaxy dough, battle ghosts, and learn about robotics, all while staying on planet Earth. 

We even will have astronaunt training at our kick off party on Saturday, June 8th from 1-3 p.m. For a round up of ALL the exciting programs and happenings this summer explore the mission guide below:

DPPL Summer Mission Guide for Kids

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Happening at the library

Escape Rooms in the Library

“Rebels, this is your captain speaking. Good job infiltrating the Order’s base. Your mission now is to find their plans and transmit them back to us so we can stop them. Good luck, and may the force be with you.”

This is what a group of 5th-8th Graders will hear when they walk into the Star Wars Escape Room at DPPL on June 9th and are greeted by a fully-functional robotic BB-8. Registration info here.

(I know, we’re the coolest library ever.)

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Ready or Not, Here I Code!

Hands down, the best hiding place in the world was Grandma and Grandpa Beckwith’s hall closet: Long…narrow… seemingly endless.

One of the Great Cousin Myths was that no one ever reached the end of the closet; we all agreed to believe that it went on forever.

You would crawl in earthworm-style, navigating the maze of shoes and handbags and wool coats by feel more than sight.

Between the excited anxiety of hiding and the lack of air movement, you'd get sweaty – but your hair would be full of static from the friction of the carpet. Sweat and static cling at the same time - a distinctly uncomfortable feeling.

When you finally found your knee-hugging spot between the sneezy burlap-covered walls and the scratchy wool coats waiting for someone to find you, time would slow down so the space between every heartbeat felt like an eternity. 

Until recently, I got that same anxious, itchy, uncomfortable feeling whenever I thought about trying to learn how to code.

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