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Endless Possibilities for Your Book Group

Here at the Des Plaines Public Library Reader Services department, we encourage your group to read whichever book they would like at any given time.

We understand each book group has a unique path that it charts from title to title.

We work hard to acquire multiple copies of a book that a group has chosen instead of making it choose from a predetermined, and limited, set of titles

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Pint & Click Podcast 30 Now Available!

Pint & Click Podcast has just released its 30th episode - where does the time go? On the latest episode, Dave, Tony and Joel go deep into the DC Comics universe to discuss Swamp Thing Vol. 1: Saga of the Swamp Thing, a graphic novel compiling Alan Moore's first comics in the Swamp Thing franchise; and Wonder Woman, the new blockbuster adaptation of the DC comic, directed by Patty Jenkins. Have a listen below:

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