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Horror-able Thoughts: Thought Provoking Horror Novels

Jordan Peele’s Get Out was a monumental success garnering multiple award nominations, receiving high critical praise and earning over 255 million at the box office.

Us, Peele's latest film, is quickly gathering the same reception, debuting as the best live action original film since 2009 Avatar.

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No Milk, No Eggs, No Problem! Delicious Vegan Cooking

I love to bake, there is nothing better than my house smelling like fresh bread or cookies in the oven.

My husband proposed to me while we were watching The Great British Baking Show because he loves how much I love to watch it. I'm always the first to volunteer to create a tasty treat for family and friends.

In my world, baking is love.

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#Ownvoices YA Favorites

My reading habits are diverse. Nonfiction, teen fiction, adult fiction, graphic novels, memoirs...I love it all. You know what's not diverse? Me. (see photo evidence to the left). That's why I seek out #ownvoices books. An #ownvoices book is one where the main character is from a marginalized group and the author is a part of that same marginalized group.

book with lights

In the past few years there has been an explosion of books written for young adults by diverse authors writing about their own diversity.


I've read most of the titles below and I have learned so much from these authors. I've also learned that there is always room to learn more about people whose experiences don't match my own.


Here are ten #ownvoices titles from 2018 that have given us beautiful stories and inspirational verse based on diverse lived experiences. I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings.  

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