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What’s your 2018 Game of the Year?

For baseball fans, it’s spring time.  For football, it’s fall.

But for video game enthusiasts, “the season” begins in September and stretches till Black Friday in November.  

Most of the best games of the year come out in this three-month window, and awards season follows in December.

It’s easy to overlook stellar titles in this digital deluge, so I’m here to recap some of the best games so far.

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Staff Picks

Super Earths, Rogue Planets, Hot Jupiters and Diamond Worlds

We are truly living in a new golden age of astronomy.

Many wondrous and strange places in the Solar System have been explored, thanks to the Hubble telescope and dozens of NASA missions to planets and large objects circling our Sun.

But what sorts of worlds are out there beyond the Solar System?

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Staff Picks

Witch Fix

The perennial appeal of witches definitely lies in their power.

They have the ability to summon magic and they take symbols of female domestication and turn them on their head.

Why use a broom to sweep when you can use it to fly? Why boil herbs for broth when you could use them to destroy demons? 

They do this while honoring the sanctity of sisterhood and employing practices that are both spiritual and grounded in tradition.

They are human, yet different. They are rebels. They are just like me, only better.

Also, cats. 

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