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Ready or Not, Here I Code!

Hands down, the best hiding place in the world was Grandma and Grandpa Beckwith’s hall closet: Long…narrow… seemingly endless.

One of the Great Cousin Myths was that no one ever reached the end of the closet; we all agreed to believe that it went on forever.

You would crawl in earthworm-style, navigating the maze of shoes and handbags and wool coats by feel more than sight.

Between the excited anxiety of hiding and the lack of air movement, you'd get sweaty – but your hair would be full of static from the friction of the carpet. Sweat and static cling at the same time - a distinctly uncomfortable feeling.

When you finally found your knee-hugging spot between the sneezy burlap-covered walls and the scratchy wool coats waiting for someone to find you, time would slow down so the space between every heartbeat felt like an eternity. 

Until recently, I got that same anxious, itchy, uncomfortable feeling whenever I thought about trying to learn how to code.

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Staff Picks

Horror-able Thoughts: Thought Provoking Horror Novels

Jordan Peele’s Get Out was a monumental success garnering multiple award nominations, receiving high critical praise and earning over 255 million at the box office.

Us, Peele's latest film, is quickly gathering the same reception, debuting as the best live action original film since 2009 Avatar.

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Introducing Miner Recs!

As many of you know, since January of 2016, the library has regularly been releasing episodes of a podcast called the Pint & Click Podcast featuring roundtable discussions of our favorite media.

After much discussion, we've decided to rename and rebrand the podcast as Miner Recs!

This new name is a play on the library's proximity to Miner Street and our staff's love of offering recommendations about new things to watch, read, listen to or play.

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Staff Picks

No Milk, No Eggs, No Problem! Delicious Vegan Cooking

I love to bake, there is nothing better than my house smelling like fresh bread or cookies in the oven.

My husband proposed to me while we were watching The Great British Baking Show because he loves how much I love to watch it. I'm always the first to volunteer to create a tasty treat for family and friends.

In my world, baking is love.

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