Celebrating 65 Years with the Friends of the Library

Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they're always there. 

- Unknown-

You may have seen folks straightening the shelves of the Book Nook, or carrying boxes of books into the mysterious room by the first floor drinking fountain.

We hope you have seen the grand banners advertising the semi-annual BOOK SALE!

But who are these mysterious and dedicated souls?

They're the Friends of the Library!

Back when the library looked like this . . .

Des Plaines Public Library in the 1950s

 . . . A committee from the American Association of University Women met to increase "public interest in the library", then located at the corner of Miner and Graceland.

When a new library was built in 1957, the Friends were instrumental in raising additional funds for special projects, a crucial role they have filled ever since. 

In 2019 the Friends of the Library celebrate 65 years of volunteer service. 

Today they are still going strong providing the library with funds to show feature films, give books to kids (to keep!), teach CPR to teen babysitters, and dozens of programs for children and adults. 

Have you seen these cheerful faces over the years?

Steering Committee: Plate, Krus, Domecq and the Minnises

2018 Officers: Jasionowski, Christowski, Sus and Wierer

President Meyer, the Knorrs

Why do they keep showing up, tirelessly sorting donations, restocking the Book Nook, and mailing out membership flyers?

Because their goal is this:

Kids reading in the Library PoetTree

The Friends know how to have a good time too!

50th Anniversary dinner: Meyer, D’Hondst, Storer

Gryffindor Friends!

If you’re looking to volunteer at the library, you won’t find a more worthwhile opportunity than joining the Friends.

Because if someone noticed the poster that said "Sponsored by the Friends of the Library", they might be the next generation of library supporters:

The next generation of Friends

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