Finding a good history book to read!

The publishing world seems to promote fiction over nonfiction and big names over lesser known authors. Yes, sometimes breakout nonfiction books like Freakonomics or Outliers receive a lot of attention.

But history books do get promoted, if you know where to look. Here are 4 ways the library can help you feed your need to understand history.

One: Read a print magazine.

magazine covers
The library subscribes to magazines that review upcoming books. Read them in the library or take them home to read at your leisure.

Bookmarks, a magazine for book lovers of all reading tastes, has a nonfiction section for history books. Specialized history magazines have book reviews. Here are some of those history magazines.

American History, BBC History, Civil War Times, Military History, World War II, and WWII History. 

Two: Use the online tools on the library’s Books & Authors resource page.

Novelist is one of the first online resources developed specifically to help the readers find their next read.

Novelist Plus
I like to use Novelist to find books for my husband. Its coverage of books and authors is comprehensive. Just use the nonfiction tab to find history books.

Calling itself an online magazine, BookBrowse might be considered Novelist’s competitor, but I don’t feel this is true.

I think they complement each other. While it may not be as comprehensive as Novelist it has a very attractive look and it is easy to use. Click on the nonfiction button on the home page and you immediately get a list of great titles.

History Blog
Three: Sign up for LibraryAware Newsletters.

Get periodic emails from the library with lists of books about subjects you are interested in.

Click on Library Aware Newsletters found on the Books & Authors resource page and fill out the short form.

By the way, because I have signed up for the Mystery, Business and History newsletters, I can tell you that your inbox will be not overwhelmed with frequent emails rom this service.


Four: Talk to Staffer Joel
Joel Sawyer

Joel is an avid reader of history. Next time you see him at the library ask him what he has been reading.

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