Some like it HOT

The library’s new fourth-floor display “Some like it Hot” is the perfect way to spice up your day! 

We have categories for every zesty taste.

Whether you want to heat up your meal as I do with Chile Habanero Hot Sauce, show off your culinary skills at “Hot Luck” dinners (a gathering where everyone prepares and brings a hot or spicy food), or track down a perfect alternative for a hard-to-find spice. Our new display covers all these and a lot more.

Enjoy the following “spice” comments from these chili -heads: 

"Food does not have to be salty if it is spicy"

"I like it hot. I like it really hot"

"I enjoy more the hotter it is"

"Hot sauces have zero points in Weight Watchers"

"Tabasco on sandwiches adds a depth of flavor"

"Spice gives complex flavors to dishes"

"Spices give the sensation of heat & add extra flavor"

"Spices—cinnamon, for example--have health benefits, as well as enhancing taste"

Wait, did I miss something? 

Can’t find a spicy recipe?

Olivelle World Traveler Spice Collection Travel Spice Kit

Come to the reference desk, and we can try to find it online.  Want us to buy a cookbook that’s about to be published?  Let us know.

Need more spice in your life?  

You have a chance to win this Spice Kit when you check out  a cookbook - old, new, spicy or sweet and enter the raffle on the 4th floor next to the cookbook display.  

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