Textbook Travail?

At the start of a new semester, perhaps the only thing scarier on a course syllabus than how much needs to be done, is the number of required (print) textbooks.

At the Des Plaines Public Library adult Reference desk on the fourth floor, we get questions about whether we carry a particular textbook or textbooks.

Mostly from college students, but also the occasional one in high school.

The reality:  as a public library, we do not own much in the way of college or high school textbooks.


 The good news: Reference desk staff can direct you to other places to find the textbooks you need.

Many students already know, but for those who don't:

  • ​Check if other students at your school own a used copy of the textbook you need.
  • Check your school library catalog.
  • Rent or buy textbooks for a fee. Companies include:  Chegg, Amazon, Bookbyte, and eBay
  • Find ratings on companies that rent textbooks HERE 
  • Facebook has Where To Find Textbooks resources.
  • If none of the above works, contact your course instructor.

Even if you've already found all of your textbooks for this new semester, remember:  the next school term is (just) around the corner.

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