Move & Groove

♫ We Like to Move It, Groove It ♫

King Julien dancing
♫ We like to move it, groove it ♫  

♫ We like to move it, groove it ♫ 

♫ Ya like to MOVE IT! ♫ 

But what's this? OH NO! Move 'n Groove got rained out!

Not to worry. We hear indoor play is all the rage these days. 

Whether inside or outside though, exercise is super important. 

Why? Think of it like this. 

Sitting all day makes us waste away. 

Exercise strengthens our muscles, but without any movement, they get weak over time.

And the next time we actually WANT to move around, it hurts...

So today, we're going to practice some gross motor skills. 

Let's test our throwing aim with a makeshift dartboard.

Grab some masking tape, scissors, and scratch paper. 

Ready? Let's get started. 

Step 1

Step 1

Start taping. 

Stretch tape across hallway and stick each end to a wall.

Angle it in whatever direction you'd like. 

Do this a few times.

Step 2

Step 2

Form A Sticky Web.

Add more pieces of tape in between the old ones to create small pockets.

The smaller the spaces, the bigger the challenge.

Step 3

Step 3

Scrunch Up Paper.

Take some scratch paper and scrunch it up into a ball.

Make several of them, all the same size.

Ready, Set...

Ready, Set, THROW!

Test your skills and see how many paper balls you can get through your web. 

Keep throwing until you master it. 

And if you're just that good, try using transparent tape for an even BIGGER challenge. 

Snap some pictures, tag them #mydpplsummer and share with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Remember, there are plenty of indoor games to keep you active. 

So what if it rains? Make an indoor obstacle course. 

You can jump through hula hoops, crawl under tables or sneak through a laser field

Get creative because... 

♫ We got to move it, groove it ♫ 

♫ Ya got to MOVE IT! ♫ 

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