Your Next Holiday Heist

Many people are still discovering this hidden gem in the Children’s department.

If you're familiar with the 2nd floor, the holiday DVDs fall in the range between the two big pillars by the catalog computers. 

Christmas is a busy season all around and people are always rushing in to snag Christmas classics like Home Alone and Elf.

I get it.

I too LOVE watching Christmas movies, especially those Hallmark and Lifetime ones that are SO bad yet so GOOD!!

Every December, I ambush my Netflix queue with them and binge watch on my days off. Some favorites this time around were The Christmas Chronicles and The Holiday Calendar.

We all know that Christmas has its own magic but let's not forget the other major holidays. 

There's also Easter, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, and of course, Halloween! And yes, this section has them all. 

Sometimes what we're looking for is checked out and so close to the holiday, it's impossible to get a hard copy. So next time you're in that dilemma, take a stroll through this section and who knows? You might find something better.  

Here are some lesser known but still awesome titles to check out this year:

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