Declutter with a Garage Sale

The weather is getting gorgeous, and it’s time to open the windows and start clearing out.  This is the perfect time to purge, clean, organize, and resell – what else can motivate you more than a garage sale?  Whether it’s thrifting for a valuable find, or selling items for a profit, garage sales can fill a weekend with fun.

Getting rid of old or unused items through a garage sale, and earning cash at the same time can be very satisfying. You would find how easy it is to make a profit from gently used secondhand items. If you’re new to the world of garage sales, you may not know what sells and what doesn’t. With a little time and effort, you will know what to look for to make a sales profitable.

Garage sales are typically one-day Saturday events, but if you like two days, you could include Friday. These events make good money if done correctly, and have enough promotion.

Des Plaines Garage sale dates: Zip Code 60016 May 15-17; Zip Code 60018 May 22-24
Like anything else, experience and research are very important. You can always learn a thing or two from garage sale experts who’ve made a great living and a fun life out of the activity. And of course your library has books to help you get started; see our list below.

Whether you had a successful garage sale or not, you might still be left with unsold items. You can donate unsold items in good condition to charity, but may have to toss some into recycling or garbage bins. If items are broken and damaged, throw them into the garbage. A lot of items can be put into recycling bins these days, mainly: plastic, paper, metals like cans, and even glass. Check with your town to find out what types of e-waste such as batteries, bulbs, computers, or cell phones can be recycled. Several manufacturers & retailers  such as Best Buy, Hewlett - Packard and Dell often collect electronics for recycling.

Des Plaines is hosting its 11th annual community garage sales soon. Garage sales for the 60016 zip code are May 15 through May 17. For the 60018 zip code, the days are May 22 through May 24. For more information visit this site -

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