Wednesday Crafternoons

It’s Wednesday. Let’s Get Salty!

Fingerpainting baby
Any kiddos here love to finger paint? 

How about sprinkling stuff? 

Say salt, for example. 

What does this have to do with painting?

Salt has absorbent properties that heighten light and dark values of pigments.

Depending on how much you use, it also helps create fun textures and patterns. 

The end result? 

Beautiful unique paintings.

Unique because no two salt grains land the same.

So this week, we're going to give salt painting a go! 

Grab a canvas (or cardstock), paintbrushes, watercolors, glue and table salt. 

We suggest using a plastic tray or newspaper underneath as well. 

Ready? Let's get salty for once. 

Step 1

Step 1

Make A Design 

Take some white glue and draw on a fun design. 

For cleaner lines, use a squeeze bottle. 

Step 2

Step 2

Sprinkle Salt 

Add salt until glue is thoroughly covered. 

Tip canvas to let excess salt fall away. 

Let it dry for several hours. 

Step 3

Step 3

Paint your design. 

Gently paint the salt drawing with watercolors.  

Feel free to paint the unsalted parts too. 

Let it dry overnight again. 

Got Salt?


Try scraping some salt off to see underneath.

What kind of color mixing took place? 

What else do you notice?

There are many, many different types of painting styles to explore. 

You can paint using kitchen utensils, tissue paper, tape, even FRUIT! 

Check out these cool painting techniques and see how they change your art.

Until nex⁠—

You want to show us what you've made? Really? Ugh, fine.

We suppose we can take a look.

Snap a couple of photos, tag them #DPCrafternoons and share with us on Facebook and Instagram...

🙄 Until next time...

Psst. We promise not to be so salty next week.

Because SWEET is always better. 🍪 

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