Move & Groove

This Dance Is Bananas!

Dancing banana
 It's time for another installment of DPPL's Move & Groove Tuesday!

Each week, look for a new fun way to get moving around Des Plaines.

We'll post them on DPPL's Facebook and Instagram pages and here on the blog. 

If it rains, no worries! 

We will have a fun indoor activity for you to do instead!

This week, Miss Ami will teach you how to do a new dance that is simply BANANAS!

You can do the banana dance inside or outside - any time you need to get up and work off some extra energy!

The steps of the dance are very simple - first you peel bananas, then you chop bananas, then smoosh bananas, eat bananas, and finally -- GO bananas!

But it's a lot easier to show you how it's done than tell you. So click on the video below and Miss Ami will demonstrate!


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