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School Shopping (and Sanity) Savings

Last year my family spent 10 days in various stores to get their back to school supplies and fashion set.

That's alot of time in a store instead of the park. What a headache!

There has to be a better way- and I'm determined this year will be different.

Sometimes it's best to jump right in and take care of the inevitable (and then reap the reward of a last hurrah of summer vacation)!

To start, talk to the kids about sticking to their schools' supply list and looking over which supplies can be reused (most backpacks for elementary students can last another year).

Scope out home office supplies such as tape and sticky notes. Try to personalize home supplies such as creating collage or duct tape design binders and reusing objects for backpack accessories.

Also consider garage sales, dollar stores, and online garage sale sites for scoring great deals.

According to the 2017 Back to School Survey by Deloitte, back to school shopping affects 29 million households with $27 billion spent during the second biggest shopping season of the year.

For our family of three students, each penny saved matters!

Take advantage of online sites that assist with the task of price and sale comparision and then enjoy your time and money saved. 

The Krazy Coupon Lady

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Only have time for one site? This is it. Comprehensive list of store deals such as Office Depot, Target, Old Navy, etc. Offers bonus savings with upcoming Sunday paper coupon lineup. Sign up for email notification for a list of deals each week on Mondays.

Penny Pinchin' Mom

Penny Pinchin' Mom

Boasts a 'Back to School Searchable Database' tool where you type in an item and receive a list of which stores carry the item and the price!

Retail Me Not

Retail Me Not

Find coupon codes for both online and in store discounts. Download the app for on the go savings.

In For a Penny

In For a Penny

Meet at the library to learn about saving money and coupon sharing at the monthly program offered throughout the year.

Buzz Feed

Buzz Feed: Awesome DIYs to Make Before School Starts

Ideas on how to use duct tape, cork, chalk paint, foam and other items to customize supplies.

DIY Projects for Teens

DIY Project for Teens

Teen (and Tween) do it yourself list of school supply projects.

New Blues Real Simple Magazine, digital access through Flipster Magazines

"New Blues" from Real Simple Magazine

I used Flipster Magazines to find this article about the trend of customizing denim, perfect to yield smiles from my kids and keep my costs down by reusing clothes we already own. Use your library card to access magazines digitally (through Flipster or RBDigital Magazines) from wherever you are and throughout the year.

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