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Week of the Young Child

April 24th marks the start of Week of the Young Child. 

It is a NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) weeklong event that focuses on young children and their development. 

Each day brings a different activity, so kids can work on various skills while having fun.  Though not all celebrate this week in preschool, anybody can celebrate at home. 

Check out some cool resources from NAEYC  to help get the party started. 

And don't forget about the library!  We are a great place to start your planning!

This is Rhythm

Musical Monday

Make your own instruments out of found objects around the house.  Leftover pasta noodles sitting in your pantry?  You are halfway to a tambourine.  Place those uncooked noodles between two paper plates, staple together, and *abracadabra* you have music. 

Need a beat for your tambourine?  Check out CDs like This is Rhythm by Ella Jenkins, and even try downloading tunes for free with Freegal


Tasty Tuesday

Having children help in the kitchen is an awesome way to introduce new vocabulary and work on math skills.  Let them help mix up all the ingredients.  Heck throw caution to the wind and let them pour.  It is a great opportunity to talk about measurements and volume.

Not sure what to make?  We have tons of cookbooks on the youth floor, like this fun one featuring noodles (in case you have more noodles in that pantry).  Also, NAEYC has their own Taco Book available for free to download.

Dreaming Up

Work Together Wednesday

Wednesday is all about building, and the library has you covered.  Check out Early Literacy Playpen area, where kids can build with Legos or Stackdoos.  We even have a light table where you build towers with Magna-Titles. 

Cannot get to the library?  No problem!  Let kids build out of found items in your home.  Those couch cushions make lovely forts, or create a tower out of boxes.  Be sure to read this fun story about architecture while you are turning your living room into its own city. 

Fun with Nature

Artsy Thursday

It is all about expressing yourself on Thursday.  Get out the paints, glue, scissors, and colored paper.  Let your child do the work:  who cares if the dinosaur looks more like a blob with stick feet?  Got to start somewhere.  Final creation does not look like the sample?  Don’t sweat it.  It is about the process.  Kids need to practice. 

Speaking of dinosaurs, be sure to come to the library’s Tinker Tot program that morning and make something dinorific (and let us deal with the mess), or check out this fun craft book, along with others, at the library.  

The Family Book

Family Friday

Do whatever you would like on this day, but remember, have fun together.  Take this opportunity to go on a family outing, maybe to the playground or visiting a grandparent.  Turn off that TV and play a game all together! 

Stumped on what to do, visit the library.  We have the Museum Adventure Pass program, which has discounts on fun outings to Legoland and Brookfield Zoo.  We also have free magazines available, like Oaklees, which list what activities are happening in the Chicagoland area every season. Plus, books are another great way for child and parent to bond!  Check out this fun family title, along with tons of others on the second floor! 

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