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Satisfy Your Fandom at the Library

The Urban Dictionary’s top definition of fandom is, “The community that surrounds a tv show/movie/book etc. Fanfiction writers, artists, poets, and cosplayers are all members of that fandom” (by Brianne August 08, 2004). The second definition is, “A cult that will destroy your life” (by TodayWasSoup March 16, 2013). I can relate to #2.

My house is a hotbed and breeding ground for fanatical attachments. Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Transformers, Walking Dead, Minions, and Legos all compete for space, time, and disposable income within my 4-person family unit.

Fandoms, like children, demand constant feeding.

That can become exhausting (finding the next great site or Youtube video) and expensive (buying the next great collectible). Where do you turn when you must indulge your passion, but you don’t want to spend more or you aren’t sure what else is out there?

At the library, you can feed your interest (some might call it obsession, but I wouldn't) for FREE! We have the movies, tv shows, music, comics, videogames and book series you crave.

At my house, we tend to immerse ourselves in our various fandoms. We’ve had a blast at Transformers and Harry Potter conventions and my daughter and I are already planning costumes for the Doctor Who con, Chicago Tardis, in November.

My son loves to watch Youtube videos created by dedicated Lego fans and my husband contributes to more than a few message boards.

Online, sites like Tumblr's Fandometrics show you how your fandom measures up to other fandoms in popularity. But what can you do when there’s no con in town and the online sites go stale? 

At the library, we’ve got plenty of related materials to tide you over until the next episode airs or the latest book is published. What do I mean by related materials, you ask?

I’m talking about the web of creative works that give us more of the dream realities we love to inhabit.

Here are a few examples:

  • If you love the Walking Dead tv show, check out the original graphic novels, series spin-off, videogame, and books set in the world of walkers.
  • Star Wars has a whole universe of movies, animated tv shows, fiction and nonfiction books, graphic novels, videogames, and music to enjoy.

Plenty of other fandoms can be enjoyed in a wide variety of media. We’ve done some of the searching for you; just follow the links:

And the list could go on and on…

If I’ve missed your fandom affiliation above, search the library catalogto find more ways to enjoy your favorite fictional worlds. What's your fandom? 

Fandom by XKCD

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