Who Will Be the Monarch Award Winner?

It’s a cold winter day.  A Saturday.  Early in the morning.  Many have traveled from all over Illinois, by highway and through snow, just to get there. 

These educators and librarians make up the Monarch committee, through ISLMA, and they have an important job to do. 

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They are sequestered in a room all day just to talk about books.  Books are debated, hands are raised, more talking occurs; votes are tabulated.  By the end of the day, a list of twenty titles has been chosen as the Monarch Award nominees for the upcoming school year.

These twenty books have been determined as the best examples of picture books, early readers, beginning chapter books, and nonfiction titles for kindergarteners to third graders.

These books will be devoured by the youngsters of the entire state of Illinois.  In the end, only one will be crowned the Monarch Award winner. 

Last year, it was The Day the Crayons Quit.  Who will win this year?  

The only way to determine who will win is to read the titles on the list and vote at your elementary school or at the Des Plaines Public Library. 

That's right.  The winner of the Monarch Award is determined by the kids of Illinois. 

Those who read get to vote, so don't waste any time.  All of the Monarch Award Books can be found in our boutique bin labeled Monarch Award (currently living behind the computers). So, take some home, read, and keep track of your favorites. 

Be sure to grab a Monarch rating sheet at the beginning of November from the youth desk; read all the books by March 4th and you could receive your own copy of the 2016 Monarch winner.

Here is a sampling of this year's nominees:

A Dance Like Starlight:  One Ballerina's Dream

A Dance Like Starlight:  One Ballerina's Dream

by Kristy Dempsey

Great choice for kids who have an interest in dance or are just dreamers at heart.  The illustrations by Floyd Cooper are beautiful. 

Deep in the Sahara

Deep in the Sahara

by Kelly Cunnane

Sweet story about a young girl's daily life in West Africa. 

The Girl Who Heard Colors

The Girl Who Heard Colors

by Marie Harris

This books details the condition known as synesthesia, an extra sense.  It is where one can see sounds or taste shapes.

Marisol McDonald and the Clash Bash

Marisol McDonald and the Clash Bash

by Monica Brown

Marisol is a fun character full of energy and pizzazz.  Fun fact:  its text is in two languages, English and Spanish.  

The Watermelon Seed

The Watermelon Seed

by Greg Pizzoli

Can swallowing a watermelon seed lead to a watermelon growing in your belly? 

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