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Satisfy Your Inner Mad Scientist with Science Databases

In just one week, we’ll be seeing all sorts of creatures wandering around our neighborhoods: superheroes, zombies, princesses and monsters.  While we all enjoy the costumes, and the candy, of course, Halloween can also be a fun time to make connections with all of the wonders of science. 

Experiment Central
 Here at the library, we have some great science databases that our cardholders can access online; they’re full of great resources for anyone who’d like to let their inner mad scientist come out and play! So tousle your hair, put on your lab coat, and dive on in!

Experiment Central is chock full of experiments for mad scientists, ranging from Astronomy to Physics. Check out the Slime experiment in the Chemistry section for a fun one for Halloween!

TrueFLIX Science & Nature
 The TrueFLIX Science & Nature collection has all sorts of online eBooks on interesting topics, including Experiments; check out the Breakfast of Champions experiment in the Experiments with Magnets book to play Dr. Frankenstein and make common breakfast cereal come alive (or at least seemingly move on its own!)

World Book Info Finder
 Info Finder’s Science Projects collection is filled with experiments you can do in biology, chemistry, physics, and more, but also has tips on working safely, taking measurements and writing your report.  For Halloween, try the Collecting Plankton experiment in the Older Kids section to explore the monstrous (but microscopic!) creatures that live in the deep (of your neighborhood pond)!

New Book of Popular Science
 The New Book of Popular Science has a wide range of science topics and information, including current science news, biographies of scientists, and hands-on projects.  Mad scientists who prefer to focus on aliens should check out the Hello Out There? project in the Astronomy & Space category.

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